Welcome to our Family

Welcome to the Alkionides family!

According to Greek mythology ‘Alkionides’ are the Halcyon days,  the calm bright days in the midst of winter that the Gods gave to the kingfishers to enable them to hatch their eggs.

Similarly, we aim to brighten the lives of families facing desperate times.

Alkionides Charity was founded in 1998 and it is exclusively staffed by dedicated volunteers, with the minimum possible administrative expenses.

The motivation behind the foundation of Alkionides Charity was the case of a little girl called Stefania who was born with a serious heart problem and had to undergo a series of operations. Organizing an afternoon tea to collect the necessary money was enough to give the sparkle for the foundation of Alkionides Charity.

Since then, the Alkionides family has grown and extended to other towns in Cyprus, as well as to the United Kingdom (London, Reading, Birmingham).

Our endeavor is to bring relief to our fellow citizens when they are enduring unbearable hardship. We hope that our support sends out a very positive message: Even during the rainy days of life we are here to give strength and courage, no matter how difficult things are.


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