Our Mission

Αs genuine Halcyons our mission is to offer a glimmer of warmth to the many and varied problems troubling our fellow citizens, by contributing either to their medical expenses or their daily needs (food, bills, education expenses, etc).

Our income mainly comes from fundraising events taking place throughout the year, sales of jewelry and other handmade items, membership subscriptions and contributions/donations from individuals and companies with social conscience.

We offer financial support to the following main categories:

  • Transport and medical treatment abroad (mainly for children)
  • Support to individuals and families in need (food coupons /other living expenses)
  • Support to indigent students to complete their studies
  • Solidarity Warehouse/Store
  • ”The Nest” in UK

Expenses table 2016 en

If interested, click here to see Alkionides Audited Accounts for the year 2015.

Α notable event for Alkionides was the creation of a hosting place/area in central London in March 2010 (together with Alkionides UK), our “nest”, which offers free accommodation to low-income people for as long as it is required by their medical treatment. As of 2016 the 'nest' is financially supported solely by Alkionides U.K. 

From mid-2012 until the end of April 2015 our organisation operated the”Solidarity Warehouse” in Dhali. There, we prepared food packages ("packages of love"), which contained basic foodstuff, cleaning liquids and other family essentials. There, we also collected and offered clothing, furniture, toys etc.

In May 2015 the Solidarity Warehouse was turned into a “Solidarity Store for Infants and Children” and until July 2016 the eligible beneficiaries were offered baby food, clothes and baby diapers.