Love Gifts

bannerPage-01Another source of income for Alkionides is the sale of handmade jewelry, made with exceptional taste, semi-precious stones, at very reasonable prices.

As the creation of jewelry requires a combination of aesthetics, elegance and good taste, so does the offer of a gift. In the occasions of christening and weddings, this handmade jewelry indicates an offer of love.


Dinner/party in the occasion of engagement, wedding or christening

If you are planning a party/dinner for your engagement, your wedding or the christening of your child and prefer to make a small donation to Alkionides instead of offering small gifts to your guests, then make your donation and we will provide you with cards to put on the dinner tables with which you will be informing your guests that instead of offering them small gifts, a donation has been made to Alkionides. (See card sample)

Celebrating Birthdays

If you wish to make your birthday a very special day, suggest to your guests that instead of gifts they could contribute to our mission by putting their offer/donation in the “Collection Box”, which we provide you with.


Candle creations made with love

Marianna Papathoma makes beautiful handmade candles. All proceeds are offered to Alkionides. Prices €5 - €15. For more information call Marianna at 99432368.

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