Halcyon days

In Greek mythology, Alkyone was the daughter of Aeolus, the God of winds. She lived by the sea with her husband Ceyx and they both felt so happy and in love that they compared themselves with Zeus and Hera. This angered Zeus who transformed Ceyx into a bird. Alkyone, not knowing what had happened, ran everywhere trying to find her husband. The Olympian Gods felt sorry for her and decided to transform her into a sea bird, the halcyon which seems to be hovering over the sea in search of the missing husband.

However, the misery of Halcyon did not end here. Contrary to all other birds, which give birth in spring, the Halcyon gave birth in mid-winter. The sea waves would grab away her eggs or her newborn birds, making her tear to pieces. Once again the Olympian Gods felt sorry for her. Zeus ordered that in January the winds would stop for 15 days and the sun would warm nature so that Halcyon could hatch her eggs and the baby birds could fly away.


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